Brother Cidolphus (bamjeldrnicd) wrote,
Brother Cidolphus


Brother has good news!

Well, good news for Brother, most of the rest of you will take no notice.

Brother has a car now!

There was a car in the paper, a Volkswagen New Thingy for a thousand dollars, which sounded good to me. I went to look at it today, and it did not start at all. The guy selling it says, "Well, I did say it needed work."

I open it up, hoping that I will not have to call a tow man to take it to my father's garage. I thought that he would not be selling it for only a thousand dollars if there was not something very wrong with it, but it turns out the man is just very, very stupid.

The battery cables were loose. I fixed them and it started right away. Of course, now that his car works, he does not want to sell it, but he does offer me the car he was driving since his new car was broken for five hundred dollars, which is still a good car!

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